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"Education is the foundation for ones future. Book knowledge or Street Smart, both are legit ways to build this foundation. Work, fairness and equality brings light, dignity and pride into everyones life. AFRICAIS.LIFE was founded to support building this future and we're here to stay for good. Nobody is leaving its home without reason but if there is no education, work and any positive outlook, people are forced to move. We don't gather donations for some projects, we gather donations for the long run, to provide everything that's necessary for people to stay and build their homes and future."


Erich Fussl, Founder of AFRICAIS.LIFE

AFRICAIS.LIFE is the umbrella organisation of the initiatives EDUCATIONIS.LIFE and WORKIS.LIFE 

AFRICAIS.LIFE, EDUCATIONIS.LIFE and WORKIS.LIFE follow three simple rules:


1) VALUE ADDED CHAIN - focus on producing products and goods in the country of origin and bring back work from abroad (importing countries)



- We support companies that roast coffee in Ethiopia and sell abroad. 

- We support companies that build infrastructure elements in and for Ethiopia and export from Ethiopia abroad

- We support companies that build medical components in Ethiopia and initiate doctor and student exchange programs, i.e. Emergency Doctor Training 

- and much more



2) FAIR SALARY - pay a fair salary to employees and provide a working environment that is standard in importing countries. The goal is to build a middle class and reduce the gap between poor and rich.


What does 1 Euro (€) do? 1 Euro (€) = ETB 50 (Ethiopian Birr) 


- We support companies that pay a minimum salary for its employees; i.e. ETB 4000 (helper), ETB 8000 (qualified or graduated), ETB 16000 (management). We know that the general level of income is substantially below these numbers. We support THE COFFEE COLLEGE through its commercial program as they can offer these minimum requirements.  

A helper earns about ETB 1200-1500 per month, a hairdresser about ETB 3000 per month, a seasoned manager ETB 8000-10000 per month. However, a middle class household needs minimum 15000 per month to provide build reserves and provide for its family. 


- We support companies that provide insurance services for their employees and register with the national pension funds

- We support companies that offer onsite safety features (first aid training)

- and much more



Regardless of gender, both women and men have the same rights and earn the same salaries. This rule is written in stone and won’t be compromised at all.

AFRICAIS.LIFE supports THE COFFEE COLLEGE (see details below) as it provides Education and Work to Africans and currently focuses its activities in Ethiopia. With your support, THE COFFEE COLLEGE is adjusting the value added chain and brings education and manufacturing capacities back to Africa. 


All Students and Employees will receive fair treatment in all aspects of their engagement (Please download the DECLARATION OF FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY


AFRICAIS.LIFE will provide means to secure education on various levels and a long term working commitment at the COFFEE COLLEGE COMMERCE (CO3) manufacturing and service entities and finally create a middle class for the country. Ethiopia is a starting point but we hope to get your financial help to spread this initiative and movement across the continent. 

Africans want education and work. Donations and handouts are the norm but such contributions don't have a longterm impact on peoples' daily reality. As everywhere on this planet, people have to pay rent, buy food, clothing or school fees and AFRICAIS.LIFE along with CO3 will enable everyone to take care of their lives.

Thank you in advance for your support!



the coffee college_basic structure websi


...for us coffee and coffee industry is more than growing, picking and selling coffee beans. In a country like Ethiopia, literally everything is coffee and we'll give everyone the chance to become involved in this initiative and activity. 

THE COFFEE COLLEGE is a complete new approach whereas Academia (Education) and Commerce (Manufacturing) go hand in hand - please check

The first time an entire population with various background come together, learn and work. With our approach we highlight and extract the talent and gift of every single one. 

As said, coffee is not only about the coffee bean, coffee is everything that is necessary to bring the bean into ground, grow it, harvest it and sell it. In fact, we're fully focused on providing the infrastructure to bring the coffee bean to market. Here a sample of our trades and crafts that our students, staff and employees can pick from:

- Mobile Power Generation 

- Water Supply & Irrigation (RAM Pumps)

- Water Treatment 

- Modular Housing

- Medical Buses

- Medical Containers

- Agriculture & Agro Equipment 

- Nursing

- Media (TV, Radio, Print)

All this is necessary to activate idle land and get everyone involved. From age 14 to 80, everyone is welcome. 



The Coffee College is providing the curriculum and educational program. Everyone gets the opportunity to study and learn a profession/trade at an excellency organisation. 


All our partners are professional companies with tremendous experience in their field. We're offering a wide range of opportunities like

- energy engineering

- water supply and irrigation specialist

- agricultural and plant specialist

- mechanic

- welder

- electrician

- carpenter

- media specialist (TV, radio, press, social media) 

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