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Please support us

We're grateful for any donation... 

As we're facing many challenges in different stages of projects we want to provide a priority list of the current needs:

1) Cash

We're aware that cash and liquidity is sometimes tight, therefore we're grateful for any dollar or euro amount. 

Please wire any amount possible to the following bank account:


Bank: Oberbank AG

IBAN: AT62 1500 0002 2127 2776


Bank Adress: Friedrich-Thurner Str. 9, 4910 Ried im Innkreis

Bank Officer: Nadine Schuhleitner

Contact: (Tel) +43 7752 6800

2) Direct Project Equipment

We're involved in various project developments and here is list of equipment we're looking for. This list is permanently updated, please come back and check frequently:

- Half-Domes for warehousing, repairs and utility use

- 20ft and 40ft sea-freight containers

- Emergency Power Generator (220V/380V)

- Construction Vehicles (Excavator, Trucks, etc.)

3) Indirect Project Equipment

We're grateful for parts and components for construction,, manufacturing and maintenance from sources of any industry. Due to logistical hurdles and use of rights parts, we would appreciate to receive labeled parts and components.

4) Agricultural Equipment


We're in urgent need of the following:

- Massey Ferguson Tractors from years 1995-2005

- John Deere Tractors from years 1995-2005

- 3 Sharp Plows

- Harrows

- Seeding Machines to put out seeds

5) Services

We're moving parts and components to Africa and developing countries, therefore we're looking for donations in form of

- Logistics & Transport

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