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AFRICAIS.LIFE as well as its initiatives EDUCATIONIS.LIFE and WORKIS.LIFE support coffee, cocoa and tea producing countries to educate and employ its population on a broader scale. Let's pick Coffee for a moment:

Coffee Production imply growing, picking, producing and selling raw coffee. That's one way to see it. We look beyond this stereotype. For us, and this is why we support THE COFFEE COLLEGE, coffee is everything that is needed in the coffee industry and for its population. You need power, water, housing, sanitation, medical infrastructure, logistics, food, media and all the little things nobody thinks about.

AFRICAIS.LIFE supports this concept as it educates people and provides employment and shows a path forward. Here is a short overview of the project/work and the education behind it, which students and employees receive. Please click on images to learn more. 

Project/Work:                                Education:

Mobile Power Generation                       Power Engineer, Specialist Renewable Energy, Electrician, Metal Worker/Welder 


MediBus, MediContainer                        Electrician, IT Medical Equipment, Carpenter, Metal Worker/Welder

Modular Housing                                     Construction/Civil Engineer, Electrician, Sanitation/Water Specialist, Carpenter


Micro Sewage Treatment Plant               Water/Sanitation/Hydro Specialist

AgriEquipment                                         Agricultural & Farming Specialist, Mechanic

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