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Mobile Power Container

Decentralised power generation is mandatory to continue current works but also to activate new projects, like reactivation of idle coffee farms. This diesel, solar and wind combo will become the backbone of communities.

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Micro Sewage Treatment Plants

Micro Sewage Treatment Plants provide a clean and healthy solution for waste and dirt waters from any household. These units break down waters for reuse and decompose solids to avoid health issues. 

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AFRICAIS.LIFE supports organisations that provide Education and Work for everyone - regardless of school level, experience or age. We at AFRICAIS.LIFE work closely with THE COFFEE COLLEGE, which provides education and work by offering an academic and commercial program in Ethiopia. THE COFFEE COLLEGE

offers a broad range of opportunities that will support the local and international coffee industry. Students learn a trade or join the bachelor or masters program. THE COFFEE COLLEGE promotes its program whereas the coffee industry also needs electricians, carpenters, power engineers,  medical equipment specialists and many more trades besides farmers, pickers and helpers.

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Medi Buses/Medi Containers

First Aid and Medical Support Onsite is critical for the safety of students and employees. Even at the most remote places, medical care is essential and these projects may safe some lives.

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Powerless Water Pumps

In an environment with little or no power these powerless pumps (RAM pumps) will provide drinking water, waters for irrigation or farm animals. The technical concept is robust and literally unbreakable.

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Modular Housing

New Houses, affordable and practical, with basic standards and sustainable in its production and operation. Roofed solar energy and micro sewage treatment plants complement the new home.

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Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural equipment supports farmers in their daily works. Horses, cattle or donkeys should be replaced by machinery to make the work of a farmer count. This basic equipment will tripple the farms output.

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Education and Work to build a Future 

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